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The Card: Sprint Review – Bo-Katan

Retrospective This sprint’s update will be brief as I’ve just been slogging through the writing.  I can only hope that once I cut through the first drafts the editing will be easier.  Even with the mentality that I don’t have to get everything right the first time, I find myself questioning the flow of scenes …

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The Card: Sprint Review – Sabine

Retrospective Apologies for the late update to the previous sprint.  My development machine has been disassembled for a chunk of the week while I switched out the power supply unit.  I’ve been experiencing intermittent crashes under heavy load, and I have hopes that this new PSU is the solution — it has not crashed again …

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The Card: Sprint Review – Ahsoka

Retrospective It has not been an easy past two weeks. Roughly half-way into the first week of the sprint I reached a plateau of sorts — the game is at a state where it feels almost structurally complete.  All of the scenes are present and I’ve even gone over the placeholder backgrounds so that the …

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The Card: Sprint Review – Mara

Retrospective When I started this sprint I was just getting started it felt like.  I was borrowing placeholder assets from The Arcana just to try and proof-of-concept out what a sprite system might look like.  These past two weeks have been leaps and bounds forward. I have achieved the first milestone of many:  a playable …


The Card: Sprint Review – Leia

Retrospective Leia was a pretty off-beat sprint for me, and I didn’t think it would turn out nearly as well as it did.  During the first half, I got so bogged-down with incorporating YarnSpinner and running into limitations with Unity’s serialization that it felt like it wasn’t making any progress at all. As you’ll see …

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The Card: Sprint Review – Rey

Retrospective Admittedly, I underestimated the amount of time fully transitioning into this new job would take.  Lots of little things tend to add up — stuff like making extra trips to walmart because you need a shower rod.  Despite my optimism in the last developer diary, I’m still working out of boxes. That said, I …